Sunday, May 28, 2006

File 02: More of the same

Drawn on an envelope while ordering Dominoes Pizza.

Unfinished panel from an unfinished comic I started but let fall by the wayside.

More unfinished panels. These thugs wait at the bottom of the stairs, blocking the hero from leaving a bar.

Uninked panels showing the hero Orbis beating his way thru the thugs.

This started out as a 1 inch by 2 inch doodle that I xeroxed up and traced onto bristol. F is for fake: all the outlines were drawn with space inbetween them and 'filled in' with ink to simulate brush strokes.

Some kind of spacegirl.


Justin Ridge said...

Yeeeeahhh!! Welcome to Bloggerville! It's about time yo! Hmmm...will lil' Bibo make an appearance somewhere...??

Silent Cookie said...

ooooh seeing lil' Bibo's freakish face would be nice to see.

Operation GutterBall said...

Yo Justin, lil' Bibo might return! Time will tell...

Operation GutterBall said...

silent cookie, It is a crazy-scary-freaky face too! You can catch a glimpse of him outta the corner of your eye.