Monday, August 07, 2006

File 25: Scattershot

Yay! Some doodles for the kids. These were done late at night in 2003 to try and make my director on the Simpsons laugh. They were mock proposals for new animated shows.

This show was called, " Meet Froggy 'G' ". He plays piano in jazz clubs by night, and drinks hair spray during the few hours he's awake in the day time. In debt and never staying in one town long enough to make meaningful relationships, Froggy 'G' rambles on in search of the elusive 'record deal'.

H-Factor. It's like the X-Men but with hippos. I forget their names but the little one in the middle is addicted to prescription drugs.

This is one of the "Para Peeps". Everything he lands on blows up, he can't catch a break!

...and "Spider Ghoula"......self explanatory.

This girl wasn't from that batch, She's here to add some color.

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