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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

File 166: Acrylic Study

Copied a paperback cover painting using acrylic on illustration board.

Friday, March 16, 2012

File 164: John Carter movie (constructive criticism)

I saw John Carter twice(I liked it the first time) so I could try and figure out what happened. 

 1-Mars doesn't look like Mars. At least they could have put a filter over the Mars scenes or show the sky is a different color. Just seems like they are on Earth the whole time. It is John Carter of Mars right?or John Carter of Death Valley.

2-Can't tell the Tharks apart from each other-Tars Tarkas looks the same as the others in this movie, but the worst and most annoying was that Sola and Sarjoka looked identical save for minor facepaint differences.This is confusing as hell , I thought it's basic cartoon logic to make characters different from each other. Its like looking at 20 Darth Vaders and you're supposed to be able to tell them apart because they have different names and a different arrangement of screws on their helmets.
                                                                                       Only their mom can tell them apart

3- Cant tell the difference between Helium and Zodanga. Helium are good, Zodanga are bad,but in this movie  they look identical except for the color of their capes. Helium has blue capes, Zodanga has  red, not a big enough difference since their armor is almost identical.Confusion again.
only their mom can tell them apart
4- All the airships look the same the only difference is the color.When you watch these battles and are supposed to care whats going on, you can't tell, it's amazing! They are almost the same size and shape.
                                                                                   only their manufacturer can tell them apart

5-Warhoons-looked just like Tharks, nobody can tell the difference. Guess that doesn't really matter in this movie.The moment these guys appear in the film, you can't wait for the movie to end anyway so who cares about Warhoons?
                                                                                            only their.... oh, forget it!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

File 163: Astro Zombies

Up late drawing and listening to Bo Diddley!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

File 162: Moebius (Jean Giraud) 1938-2012

In the 1970s My Dad brought home an issue of Heavy Metal magazine, inside were comics. The most fantastic looking of the stories was The Long Tomorrow, this  comic had a huge impact on me as the artwork had a cartoony realism and also a highly charged eroticism. Through the years I've always followed Moebius's work and gained inspiration. I always felt that this guy could draw any subject in any style, I want to be that kind of artist.
 Moebius also said something regarding comic art in an interview that I never Forgot : " The artist must be the warrior and fight for his ideas, because who else will fight for you? The publisher? No, it is the artist who brings the new ideas"